Dear Sir or Madam,


The coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) is influencing public and private life all over the world.
Beside the safety and care for family and friends, the well-being of our employees, customers and partners is also our concern.


As all of you we try to cope with this exceptional situation and put our efforts into keeping our business activities running. Therefore, your contact persons are available as usual and the company is working during the regular business hours. Our team is operating partly in home-offices or in shifts, technical service and online support are fully available. We follow all recommendations from the German government and several backup plans have been prepared by us to ensure that our company can be kept in operation.


This means also we have taken measures to maintain the supply chain to you as good as normal.
The companies’ head office in Germany and main suppliers from Europe continue to ensure availability of parts and consumables. Our warehouse was stocked up in the last weeks and we are sure of being well prepared. However, we will inform you immediately should there be any difficulties caused by suppliers or changed circumstances.


Due to the seriousness and uncertain situation sea- and airfreight shipment can be cancelled or postponed. To prevent delay of shipments due to unforeseen transport issues, we would encourage you to plan your orders early.


We will try to maintain our engineering support for all countries as far as governments have not put them under travel restriction but will also follow the advice of the World Health Organization and the German Robert Koch-Institute.


Observing the situation, we want to assure you, that we will do our utmost effort to continue our business engagements in these difficult times.


Thank you very much for your support and co-operation.


Wishing you strong health and sending


Best regards,


Max Rid


Heliograph Holding GmbH


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