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Lüscher Technologies AG in Bleienbach (Switzerland), whose predecessor Lüscher AG Maschinenbau was founded back in 1946, has for many years been supplying prepress and press service providers the world over with solu­ tions for print form manufacturing in the graphic arts and in industrial printing applications. The hybrid concept with fiber­coupled laser diodes of various wavelengths for imaging all kinds of printing forms across a variety of printing processes in one and the same machine is unique in its flexibility. It can be used in different combinations in flatbed, internal drum, and external drum CTP systems according to the relevant application. With digital direct imaging of UV­sensitive photo layers and ablation layers in the MultiDX! UV­Flex, Lüscher has developed a highly cost­effective and higher­quality alternative to the use of traditional copying films for pad, letterpress, flexo, and screen printing forms.

Lüscher Technologies

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