Systems, equipment, and solutions for printing form imaging


HELL Gravure Systems


  • Electromechanical and direct laser engravers for gravure cylinders

  • Direct laser engravers for elastomer relief printing forms

  • Direct laser engravers for metal embossing cylinders

Ohio Gravure Technologies


  • Special electromechanical engravers for packaging and decorative gravure

  • Layout software

Schepers Laser Technology


  • Direct laser engravers for universal use in terms of material, roller size, resolution, application or industry

  • Coating machines, LAMS lasers, and spray etching machines for etching masks of gravure and embossing cylinders

Lüscher Technologies


  • Laser imaging equipment for exposing of wet and dry offset, flexo, letterpress, screen and pad printing forms for packaging, labels and graphic arts/industrial applications

Systems, equipment, and solutions for printing form production lines

K.Walter - Plating and Processes


  • Plating equipment and process technology for gravure cylinders

  • Automation of complete gravure cylinder production lines

  • Measurement systems

Daetwyler- Graphics Precision


  • Surface processing equipment for gravure cylinders

  • Turning and milling

  • Grinding and Polishing

Bauer - Logistics in Printing


  • Inline transportation and storage systems and input/output stations for automatic gravure cylinder production lines

  • Automatic gravure cylinder and flexo mandrel storage racks, stand alone or connected to production lines or press loading