Electromechanical engravers for gravure cylinders

For entry-level electromechanical engraving

For packaging printing

Combined with CellEye (automatic volume-oriented test cut), semiautomated engraver for packaging printing

K5 Smart with working width of up to 4 m for decorative printing

Combined with CellEye, fully automated flagship of the HelioKlischograph series, can be integrated into fully automatic cylinder production lines

K500 with two engraving heads

For publication gravure

Engraving components for HelioKlischograph

Electromechanical engraving head with 9 kHz engraving frequency

Broadband Engraving System

High Performance Engraving System


Application-specific electromechanical engraving head for line engraving featuring the non-vibration XtremeEngraving process with high contour definition

Hybrid Engraving System

Engraving head adjustment device for HelioKlischograph following change of stylus

Direct lasers

Direct laser engraver for gravure and embossing cylinders, including multi-beam engraving, for copper, zinc, aluminum, steel

Direct laser engraver for elastomer flexo sleeves and plates, coating and metal-back dry offset plates, with one or two low-maintenance fiber lasers

Direct laser engraver for elastomer flexo sleeves with up to four low-maintenance fiber lasers (2400 W) and 3 m working width


Cylinder layout workstation for TIFF engraving in gravure applications

Job ticket for TIFF engraving in gravure applications

Automation with job ticket generation and processing in HelioLinkPro workflow for publication gravure

Automated optimization of engraving data for text, linework, and fine details


Ensuring consistently high performance and quality for entire life cycle

Laser insurance

Long term warranty for laser sources and optical systems