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Flatbed CTP systems

The world’s only all-in-one flatbed CTP system produces all kinds of printing forms for industrial and graphic arts applications in screen, offset, pad, letterpress, and flexo printing. Even top-quality imaging of etch resists for magnesium and copper embossing dies is easy. The MultiDX! can be equipped with fiber-coupled laser diodes of various wavelengths. The optical resolution can be varied from 2400 to 10,160 dpi to suit specific customer needs.

Laser ablation CTP system (940 nm) for all ablative materials (LAMS)

Hybrid CTP system (830 and 940 nm) for ablative and thermal materials

Hybrid CTP system (405 and 940 nm) for UV-sensitive and ablative materials

UV CTP system (405 nm) for all UV-sensitive materials

Thermal CTP system (830 nm) for thermal offset plates

Internal drum CTP systems

The universal, multifunctional internal drum CTP system platform for direct imaging of flexible printing forms in various sizes. The XPose! can be equipped with fiber-coupled laser diodes of different wavelengths to suit customer requirements. Customized register systems can be installed to ensure maximum register accuracy in the press.

The world’s only hybrid internal drum CTP system images all flexible printing forms in a single system

Internal drum CTP system for photopolymer flexo plates. Full HD flexo plates in 5080 or 2540 dpi at up to 6.5 m²/h with a resolution of 5080 dpi.

Internal drum CTP system to make plates for security printing, including items such as banknotes and passports. With an optical resolution of up to 10,160 dpi, the XPose! SecureLine produces top-quality letterpress, offset, and intaglio plates.

External drum CTP systems

XTurn! Flex

LAMS imaging for photopolymer flexo plates

UV Star

Photoresist imaging of gravure forms for autotypical (direct) etching

Direct UV imaging of rotary screens up to 3.5 m in length

XDrum! UV

Medium-format CTP system (405 nm) for conventional UV offset plates



TIFF workflow, screening, TIFF optimization for producing mixed forms in flexo printing, screen printing, trapping, full HD optimization for flexo plates, RIP software

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